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Solar Powered LED Lantern

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-11 20:35:24
solar lanternSolar lights already exist (for example, in mpowrd Lucy, found here), they are not too expensive, but most of them are not very bright. I have one, love it, but when I am at the camp, I always use my propane lantern. I think this is the brightness of the propane lantern, or at least some of my friends and I can sit down to play cards, around without any trouble to see.

So I started to build myself a. In addition to the higher power than Luci, I want it to be similar in price, so I have to save as many parts of the project as possible. I can get the LED light I need from the burned home LED light bulbs, and from the old laptop batteries for a few 18650 lithium ion batteries. Other than that, I'm lucky to find a portable solar power generator solar cell panel that works from a non garbage station.

The end result is about 400 lumens, compared to 1 of 80 lumens. This is not a bright propane lamp, but it's a great card. Battery life is shorter than 1, but it is enough to be satisfied with the card game in 3.5 hours or more, it cost me $10. All of the things that I am happy with the end result, but there are some things I will change / may change the future (mainly the shell).

To do this project, you need to have a basic understanding of electronic products, how to use a million with a table, and some of the welding skills. In the following, I will step by step operation of the use of precision parts of the photo, I have a detailed steps. However, in this project, there is also a ton of improvisation.
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