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Solar Power Generator For Shenzhou V

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-18 15:18:43
China's "Shenzhou V" manned spacecraft has become the story of the world, but few know what power the spacecraft supplied by solar power genration. After the spacecraft from the launch vehicle successfully into space, expand the PV solar power generator module is like a pair of wings spacecraft, by converting solar energy into electricity to provide energy for the electrical equipment on the spacecraft.

Shenzhou V on solar power and charge has two functions, the equivalent of a small solar power portable generator plant. Although the spacecraft with an emergency power supply, but supports a relatively short time, more or rely on solar cells to provide power. PV module of the Shenzhou spacecraft with a large Dong advanced composite materials, so as to mention solar power generation efficiency while reducing its quality and solve the problem of thermal expansion and contraction.

According to the designer in charge of solar cell modules Kong Xudong introduction, the solar cell modules designed and developed mainly around how to adapt to the complex space environment. Uncertainties low-orbit spacecraft in the space environment to run complex, high-density plasma, atomic oxygen and ultraviolet radiation, etc., are likely to structure and component damage cells. Spacecraft in space around the earth approximately every 90min, during which subjected to 180℃ temperature difference test, such frequent high and low temperature conversion is required in the manufacture of PV modules must solve the problem of thermal expansion and contraction. To solve these problems, designers have developed a special test equipment simulate the space environment, and in the manufacture of solar photovoltaic modules using a special material.
solar energy storage system
Use of solar energy, energy represents the direction of scientific development in the 21st century, although research on space solar power station in the practical application of humanity still some distance away, but this innovative idea to a certain extent it also marks the beginning of large-scale development of solar energy resources.

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