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Solar Photovoltaic Expects To Increase 90% In India

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-04 23:43:19
According to Indian consultancy service provider Bridge to India report, in 2017, India will start 14GW utility-scale solar photovoltaic projects, is expected to put into production this year, 7.7GW (2016, an increase of about 90%).
  2017 Solar Photovoltaic Expects To Increase 90% In India
Plus the expected 1.1GW rooftop solar power generation, India in 2017 the total new solar power batteries PV 8.8GW. Following China and the United States, India is expected to become one of the world's top three markets.

As India's PV market rises, it will be a key pillar of demand growth, with demand from other leading countries including China, Japan and possibly the US expected to slow.
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Solar power is expected to be less than the key 4.00 ($ 0.06) / kWh, solar energy will become the cheapest new power source.

By 2017, rooftop solar generator power will add 1.1GW, an increase of 75% over 2016.
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