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Solar Panels Made Of Green

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-12-11 16:05:20
Have you ever wondered why the solar panels only black or blue? Of course, the answer is simple, because the material used in solar powered portable generator panels crystalline silicon and cadmium telluride is blue or black. However, a team of scientists from the University of California, the latest experimental results show that if the solar panels made of green, will be more energy efficient.
Solar Panels Made Of Green
Nathan Gabor, an assistant professor at the University of California, got the idea in an accident. "At a symposium, I was puzzled. Physicists were always able to explain why the sky was blue, so I thought, why is the plant green?"

Gabor found that, for this problem, although the academia has a lot of ideas, but no one can be proved to be correct.

Under normal circumstances, if a plant to absorb solar energy as much as possible to absorb the green light in the solar spectrum is the best choice, because the green light in the sun the highest energy. However, the vast majority of plants do not absorb green light, but reflect the green light, because "in the solar spectrum, the green light is very, but very unstable.For plants, they do not like green, because the green Light is hard to convert energy stably. "

For green light, the plants are rejected, they will be green light off, so the plants look green.

Green plants reflect the green light in the sun, the goal is to transform energy stable, which is undoubtedly the plight of the solar power batteries panels are very similar: because they can not be stable conversion of electricity, thus affecting the efficiency of power generation.

As we all know, the process of solar cell power generation is often such: when the molecules in solar cells absorb sunlight, some of the electronic energy level began to rise. Molecules do not control these energies, so they transfer electrons to different molecules, forming a current. If the current is not stable, then the power efficiency is out of the question.

Professor Gabor that the sun's green light is very abundant, but for plants or solar cells, the green is not popular. The more light that a panel absorbs at a particular wavelength, the more the signal fluctuates, making the absorbed energy inefficient. In short, the green light is strong, but very unstable, solar panels if you want to improve efficiency, we must avoid green.

At the same time, Gabor and his team that the best way to improve the efficiency of solar cell power generation is to absorb two different colors of sunlight, and two colors do not include green.
Solar Panels Made Of Green
According to this theory, they designed a solar cell, the battery can avoid the green light in the sun's rays.

In the experiment, they found that when the number of different wavelengths of sunlight changes, the solar power generator cell absorbs more than one light, while the other less light, in order to achieve a stable energy output.

Ultimately, the battery to achieve an effective regulation of its own energy input and output, play a role in improving the efficiency of solar panels power generation effect. The results are strikingly consistent with their previous projections.

This interesting paper, "Natural Regulation of Energy Flow in Green Quantum Photovoltaic Cells", has been published in the nanoscale research section of the ACS Journal, a top scientific journal.

In the author's view, if the solar cell eventually from the laboratory to market, then in the near future, we have seen the solar panels may no longer be black or blue, but like a green plant .

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