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Solar Panel Cells In Supply Chain Fell Low

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-22 11:31:05

solar cellsTaiwanese research firm EnergyTrend announced on Sept. 19 that prices of solar panels and solar cells in the supply chain fell below historic lows in the second quarter of 2016 because of sluggish demand.

And said, solar cell units (power generation components) and silicon wafer market in September has not yet in the end. Only from the current market analysis, the vast majority of solar cell manufacturers are not profitable.

The company predicts 2017, from silicon to solar power batteries panel supply chain as a whole, the total supply will exceed demand 18 ~ 35%, there will be a serious excess supply.

In the second quarter, despite the stagnant demand, but the vast majority of enterprises remain optimistic. Because according to their assumptions, the market downturn is only a temporary phenomenon.

The company believes that the second quarter of the rapid decline in the market, because China appeared in the first quarter of the solar powered portable generator energy construction boom. China in the first quarter of 2016 photovoltaic power plant construction boom in advance consumption of demand, so that the plate supply and demand becomes tense. The construction boom in June after the end of China as the world's largest solar energy market, demand slumped, dragged down the global market growth.

In the fourth quarter of 2016 and full year 2017, the Indian market is expected to continue to grow, becoming a rare force in the global market. In addition to India, South America, the Middle East and other emerging markets will slowly expand.

Nonetheless, aggregate demand in 2017 is expected to stagnate due to the stagnant growth in demand in the United States and Japan as a result of the energy policy changes. Even if the Chinese market optimistic speculation, it is estimated that only 2016 and flat.

The global photovoltaic market will be the first time zero growth, the panel market will enter the plateau. Set new state energy market in 2017 predicted 63.7GW, only 2016 than 63.4GW increase 0.3GW. Moreover, this situation is not limited to 2017, there may be extended to 2018 years.

Set new energy states that the market in the next six months after the bottom, subject to seasonal demand and the Chinese market to pick up the local drive, the market will rebound slightly. However, with strong supply growth, prices will continue to trend downward, with the buyer market expected to continue from the fourth quarter of 2016 to 2017.
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