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Solar LED Traffic Lights In Hubei

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-12-14 14:41:27
A few days ago, Shennongjia forest Xinhua town leopard hole village road 8 groups of LED solar traffic lights installed. These traffic lights installed in the bottleneck can not be implemented to widen the transformation of the road, the two sections of the installation of a group of traffic lights, through the implementation of unilateral way to reach the peak load traffic through the period of the effect. In this way, on the one hand, it can reduce the potential safety hazard caused by the wrong vehicle. On the other hand, it avoids the road reconstruction, protects the ecological environment of the Shennongjia forest area and saves the basic cost of the project.

Shennongjia forest area is located in the west of Hubei Province. It is composed of middle and high mountains in the east of Daba Mountain. The elevation is 398m and the altitude is 3106.2m. The relative elevation is 2708.2m. Forest area under the jurisdiction of 6 towns and 2 rural 67 formed village, connected to the village road close to the cliff, river construction. By environmental protection, capital and other factors, Shennongjia most of the original highway roadbed width of 4.5 meters, the road width of 3.5 meters of the single lane, low technical level, the wrong car difficult.

Last year, Hubei to carry out "every village bus" work, forest road safety protection facilities in rural areas to mention a comprehensive upgrade. This year, Shennongjia forest area with global tourism, the actual situation of poverty alleviation and rural roads in the territory of cliffs, narrow road sections of the gradual installation of solar power batteries LED traffic lights, can not be widened bottleneck sections to achieve peak load-shifting, for the local development of tourism economy , Smooth passenger and cargo transport to provide protection.

Solar LED Traffic Lights In Hubei

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