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Solar Installation Challenges Farming Community

Author: Source: Datetime: 2019-01-03 12:37:00
The latest ranking of the "most friendly" states that released solar energy has been announced, adding momentum to the industry boom throughout the United States.

But while some continue to use solar energy as a renewable energy savior destined to reverse climate change, criticism of the impact of large-scale solar panel installations on the environment is increasing, especially in agricultural states.
Solar Installation Challenges Farming Community
Critics say that utility-scale solar installations pose many challenges for the farming community, and active speculation around solar energy often overwhelm deeper problems.

Ron Heiniger, a professor of agronomy at North Carolina State University, said: "It is a daunting task to take on an industry that everyone thinks will save the world."

Heinig said that North Carolina is one of the largest solar-producing states and is becoming the basis for the "neighbors against neighbors" battle between rural communities and renewable energy developers.

Large-scale solar farms occupy a large amount of land, forcing farmers to leave areas that can be used for agriculture. More importantly, solar power generation solar power plants pay more for renting farmland, and tenants can benefit from growing, harvesting and selling crops.

Mr. Heiniger and other agricultural experts worry that the plight of farmers is being ignored in the policy struggle for the renewable energy market in Washington.

Policy analysts say the volatility in the solar market comes partly from the Trump administration's push last year to impose tariffs on imported solar panels and the White House to revitalize the coal industry and from the state to the state.
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