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Solar Heating Energy For School In China

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-20 10:35:03
On the morning of January 13, 445 teachers and students of Wangquan Town Baiquan Primary School were attending classes in the warm and warm classroom. First grade primary school classroom wall thermometer shows that the temperature was 26 degrees Celsius, the school principal Fan Lihui told reporters that our school teaching building of 1770 square meters of solar heating, which is the first in the city.

For the school to provide new energy heating equipment is the Hebei Light Source Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd., in recent years, the light source of solar energy companies to carry out activities, donated more than 300,000 yuan worth of solar heating set Thermal system, so that teachers and students to enjoy clean energy heating, and coal compared to an annual reduction of sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, dust and other pollutants emissions of more than 100 tons of portable solar power generator solar light in the case of the system can also be used Electricity as auxiliary energy heating.
Solar Heating Energy
Hebei Province, the Secretary-General of the Association of solar energy use of the Secretary-General Bian Zhi-Min, told reporters that the company invented the new solar heating technology, innovation is a high-performance necking heat pipe with new thermal antifreeze, more reliable performance, in line with current policy requirements, This new product has good market prospects.

Hebei Province, deputy general manager of Light Source Solar Technology Co., Ltd. Shao Dongkun introduction, after several research, from the solar collector components and heating methods for innovation, mainly high, fast, good, provincial, high is the use of patented technology Of the collector, collector efficiency can reach 50% or more, the technology reached the national leading level. Fast is heating up fast, within 15 minutes, room temperature can reach more than 20 °. Good is the high reliability of the system, the vacuum tube with metal casing, to prevent the freezing solution for the heat transfer efficiency, completely solve the antifreeze problem, winter heating bath hot water in other seasons, the use of water, can be used throughout the year. The province is to save money, the production price is lower than the market price of more than 30%, people can afford to use it.
Solar Heating Energy
Wang quick town Baiquan primary school teacher Ren Li deep feeling: "with solar power batteries solar heating, indoor temperature is high, there is no pollution, no noise, by the teachers and students are welcome."
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