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Solar Energy Wall In Melbourne

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-12-03 11:34:30
According to the Australian Network reported that Melbourne, Melbourne, northeast of the city plans to build a new suburb of the river, its main feature is that every household will install the solar power generator energy wall, but also for electric vehicles equipped with specialized charging station.
Solar Energy Wall
It is reported that the mini-suburbs located in the local Yarra River, named YarraBend, from Melbourne CBD about 6.5 kilometers, covering about 16.5 hectares, can provide 2500 housing units. The suburbs will include shops and office buildings and other facilities, can accommodate about 5000 residents.

According to reports, YarraBend goal is to become the most environmentally friendly city in Australia.
Darni Addison, director of Victoria Development for the Australian Institute of Urban Development, said YarraBend will be a green mini-community that combines riverside scenery with cutting-edge technology and will be the first in Victoria to install Tesla's battery energy walls and solar powered portable generator panels of the city.
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