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Solar Energy System "Body Armor"

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-15 15:20:46
solar energy systemRecently, reporter learned from the China Building Materials Science Research Institute (referred to as Building Materials General Hospital) was informed that the temple on the 2nd with the hospital to improve research and development of new materials - radiation-resistant quartz glass.

According to reports, the Temple of the stable operation of the second, space rendezvous and docking can not be separated from the attitude control system, radiation-resistant quartz glass is the spacecraft attitude control system, the core components. Tiangong II solar powered portable generator panels is the power source of space operation, its performance directly affects the satellite, space station operational life and reliability. Building Materials Institute developed space with high-intensity anti-radiation glass cover the solar energy system as the "body armor."

Building Materials Institute is the only master of radiation-resistant quartz glass preparation technology units. Relying on the accumulation of technology, the hospital through the systematic study of the key processes, the formation of a new generation of crystal powder processing technology, doping material preparation technology, doped quartz glass melting technology and radiation-resistant quartz glass heat treatment technology to improve the level of process automation , And in 2015 led the revision of the "radiation-resistant quartz glass norms" national military standards to ensure the smooth implementation of various types of space launch mission.
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