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Solar Energy Storage System In Germany

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-03-17 09:19:30
According to the German Solar Energy Association BSW-Solar preliminary data, Germany currently has about 52,000 sets of running energy storage system services in photovoltaic power generation devices. This figure is equivalent to 300 megawatts of capacity.

The increase in new devices is mainly due to the increasing demand for self-consumption and the 40% decline in system prices over the past three years. But the association did not provide the specific market price of the current product.
Solar Energy Storage System In Germany
In addition, BSW-Solar also reported that 50% of the population planning to install residential PV systems was interested in installing battery technology. The association is optimistic about the future of solar + storage in Germany, believing that demand for this technology is likely to increase in the next two years.

The association also predicted that in 2018 the German solar power batteries energy storage system may be installed more than 100,000 units.
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