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Solar Energy Installation Growth Reaches Record In US

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-12-15 11:36:14
In the three months ended September 30th, the United States continued to maintain its energy growth in the U.S. market, the installation of a single quarter record.
According to the solar energy industry organization data, the state of California is the leader in the field of solar energy, leading to solar powered portable generator power, and became the first installation of 1000 trillion Watt Solar Power in a quarter of the state.
Solar Energy Installation Growth Reaches Record In US
In general, the total power generation of solar energy devices more than 4100 trillion watts, accounting for the largest share of the growth of the power industry, accounting for 39% of the market share. Nearly 3/4 of the solar power generation from the utility scale solar power generation.

Solar energy association is expected to install another record quarter of the end of the fourth quarter. The industry is expected this year, solar energy will reach 14100 trillion watts of new power capacity - than in 2015 increased by 88%.

A record quarterly national solar output reached 35.8 GW, sufficient for 6 million 500 thousand American family power supply, to reduce annual 41 million 700 thousand tons of carbon emissions.

As energy companies increasingly provide energy storage packages for practical engineering projects and residential solar power batteries energy, the number of solar installations is expected to continue to grow substantially.

Sunrun, for example, in San Francisco, on Wednesday, announced that it is providing a new combination of solar panels and batteries for the state of Hawaii in California, adding more and more companies to sell these two products.
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