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Solar Energy In Myanmar

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-05 12:38:21
Solar energy coupled with the distributed independent power supply system, in many developing countries without electricity in remote areas, for the poor villagers brought lighting, mobile phone charging, but in Burma, distributed energy not only bring light, but also Direct life-saving, Myanmar 300 people die each year from snakebite, distributed energy can not provide the past to provide an emergency means of disposal.

Myanmar is the most dangerous snake in South Asia region of the distribution of mountain viper, one of the four viper, the toxicity is very complex, including causing a sharp drop in blood pressure, heart rate, and in 20 minutes gingival bleeding More than other conditions, venom is a powerful coagulant, resulting in blood embolism, the skin will be near the wound blistering, muscle necrosis, 3 into bitten suffering from untreated renal failure, bite if not effectively treated, usually 6 ~ 8 hours of death, but even if not the day of death, venom continued to damage the heart, respiratory system, coupled with wound infection caused sepsis, 14 days after the same life-threatening, the mortality rate as high as 92%.
Solar Energy In  Myanmar
Myanmar, as well as cobras, bungarus and other well-known snakes, 1.5 million people each year by the snake bite, worse, snake bites death rate is twice higher than the world average, it is because advanced countries improve the emergency medical equipment There are anti-virus serum, and timely and venom, but Myanmar and other backward countries, not only the lack of serum, the equipment required for storage of serum is also inadequate, the serum need to store 25 degrees Celsius below the environment, Myanmar rural lack of electricity, There may be a refrigerator to store serum, and from the nearest city to drive the serum to come to sometimes take up to 9 hours away, often sent to the patients already dead, this is the reason why Myanmar was bitten by snake bites high mortality No less than the underlying cause.

The Mae Fah Luang Foundation has been concerned about the snakebite problem in Myanmar since 2011. The solution is to use solar power batteries energy to supply electricity to the refrigerator. In 2016, the Mae Fah Luong Foundation, in collaboration with Panasonic, Power supply station (Panasonic Power Supply Station), the power plant has 2.82 kilowatts of solar panels, and 24 12-volt lead-acid batteries, providing 17.2 kWh of energy storage, installed by the Matsui trading company, in addition to storing anti-virus serum refrigerator power , But also power to the community center, with television and electric fans, and power supply to street lighting, so that the villagers no longer need to fear the night snake bite.
18650 battery pack
Panasonic said that 68% of Myanmar area without electricity supply, if only to see the rural areas is as high as 84%, Panasonic plans to continue to provide power stations and other products to solve the problem of non-electric power region. But no further expansion of the plan.

Similar plans to help rural areas with decentralized energy technologies There are many similar cases around the world, such as the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of Madagascar and Fluidic Energy, Arizona's energy storage company, by the end of March 2016 to provide renewable energy Micro-grid solutions to help 100 non-electric rural villages and communities. November 2016, Wales renewable energy company Dulas (Dulas) also announced the shipment of 345 portable solar power generator fridges to support Yemen, Lion Rock, Nigeria, the vaccine needs. The future of renewable energy microgrid technology, will also continue to help many poor rural areas in the world.


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