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Solar Energy Efficient Development Trend

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-15 23:19:18
Solar energy efficient development trend clear, the domestic, including solar silicon wafers and battery factory will be more efficient product development as the focus of this year's operation.

Solar silicon wafer Danone that is clear that it will continue to enhance the silicon wafer conversion efficiency and quality to conform to the market to more efficient development trend.
large  distrubition solar power systems
Another solar silicon wafer plant in the United States and also pointed out that this year will be actively solar power batteries building solar power plants in addition to accelerating the German battery production line to the US customer shipments, the accelerated launch of high-performance polycrystalline black silicon wafers, and enhanced wafers Efficient single-crystal batteries are also the focus of this year's operation.

Solar cell factory Tai Chi energy chief executive Xie Mingkai previously said that the expansion of efficient products is the focus of this year's operation, the end of the second quarter of this year is expected to increase the proportion of high-performance products to 3 to 4 into the standard.
Market research institutions, state-technology is expected, with the technology matures, the emitter and back surface passivation (PERC) has become the competitiveness of enterprises on behalf of the target product, this year will be a PERC high growth year, the global PERC production capacity will reach 20GW scale.

Solar cell factory Yuan Jing, chairman of Liao Guorong said in February this year, solar power batteries cell production capacity will be expanded to 1.5GW, of which there will be nearly 3 percent capacity for the PERC.
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