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Solar Energy Dezhou Town

Author: Source: Datetime: 2018-08-02 12:18:13
On August 1st, on the eve of the launch of the 2018 China International Solar Decathlon Competition, the public network reporter saw in the solar energy Dezhou Town Science Park and the Zhihui Optics Valley Enterprise Center that the staff entering and leaving were carrying products and Interior decoration items, exhibitors entering the exhibition area are in full swing. According to the types of products, the Science and Technology Park is divided into four zones: solar energy comprehensive utilization, new energy vehicles, central air conditioning and other industries.
Solar Energy Dezhou Town
Among them, Hanergy Group, Jieyang Group, Jinheng Group and other 8 companies have settled in the solar energy comprehensive utilization exhibition area, located in the east side of the science and technology park; 7 well-known enterprises such as Lichi Group and Aoguan Group have settled in the new energy automobile exhibition area. The middle position of the west side of the Science and Technology Park; four companies including Beilite Group and Asia Pacific Group settled in the central air-conditioning exhibition area, located in the north side of the west side; five well-known enterprises such as Huaye Electric Group, Weinuo Heating and Cooling Equipment Co., Ltd. and Yichang Lighting settled in other places. The industrial exhibition area is mainly located on the west side of the south gate of the park in the Science and Technology Park. Among them, Beijing Zhongde Taike Group is an artificial intelligence project located at the southwest corner of Guangming Pavilion. At that time, the participating team members, enterprises and citizens can come here for professional discussion and scientific and cultural exchanges.

On the afternoon of August 1, the reporter walked into the display area of Jinheng Group in the D4 exhibition area of the town. According to Sun Hongli, project manager of Jinheng Group, the products displayed by the solar town showed flat solar collectors and villas. The latest solar collectors such as the system, STC500 collector, roof embedded flat panel solar collector, air solar collector, and home balcony wall-mounted solar water heating system are scheduled to be completed on the evening of August 1. And improve the environment of the exhibition area.
Solar Energy Dezhou Town 0
A total of 134 corporate booths have been set up in the enterprise center of the town “Zhihui Optics Valley”, including 54 in Area A and 80 in Area B. Currently, 70% of the enterprises are in place. Most of the companies in this area are sponsors of the team. , nearly 15 local companies in Texas. Among them, Texas Neutral Group and Xi'an Jiaotong University team to provide energy-saving technology and other support; Dexing Group and St. Louis University of Washington reached a cooperation, will participate in the construction of housing, free labor service; Huang Ming Group is Southeast University The sponsoring company of the team.

It is reported that after the end of the event, the solar energy Dezhou town will rely on the scientific and technological temperament of the competition pavilion to create a green innovation center with the theme of science and technology expo, integrating ecology, science and tourism, providing rich and colorful indoor learning for the citizens. Leisure and entertainment venues boost the rise of the eastern city. Dezhou City will also use this competition to continuously integrate high-quality resources, fully tap and use solar power generator solar building technology and green building technology, and release the effect of the game.
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