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Solar Energy Contributes To The Economy

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-13 16:55:02
Solar energyAcross the country, mining, oil and gas work is being phased out, affecting workers and the larger economy.

From the beginning of 2015 to the first quarter of this year, the United States eliminated nearly 118,000 oil and gas positions. The oil and gas drilling platform struggled in the summer, as oil prices fell below $ 40 a barrel. In the mining sector, lower commodity prices and increased production costs contribute to the decline in the labor force.

But with the loss of these jobs, for the workers with the right skills, the solar power batteries industry is facing new opportunities. Today, close to 209,000 US workers work in solar energy and are projected to increase to 420,000 workers by 20202.

Colorado's non-profit organization Solar International (SEI) is part of a nationwide training program for mining, oil and gas workers. Solar Ready Colorado is a $ 401,000 matching grants-funded SEI program by the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment that aims to fill the skills gaps of workers in traditional energy fields.

US Air Force veteran Noah Wichmann in the completion of training through the Solar International, Hotchkiss in Colorado, began the solar powered portable generator installation business. Photo by Andrew Hetherington.

"Solar is coming, that's the future," says Noel Wichmann, a veteran of the US Air Force and former mining employee. "He started his own company after completing his training with SEI.

The transition to solar energy contributes to the economy and the environment. Renewable energy has the potential to help stabilize energy prices, and public health and the environment will benefit as carbon emissions are reduced.
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