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Solar Electric Vehicle In Shandong

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-04 14:58:28
Without gas, not burning oil, drying in the sun, breath can open 150 km. Recently, Linyi City, Shandong Province, technician 12 teachers and students lasted nearly 3 months, with a retirement Santana, creating a solar electric vehicles, not only can take two adults, but also can climb, very cool.

Bright blue appearance, convex and convex edges and corners, trendy convertible design, coupled with the front out of the three portable solar power generator panels, so that car "net red" solar electric cars go where are garish. Linyi City College of Electrical Engineering, an internship instructor, senior technician Li Zichao told reporters that this car is a solar electric car by eight students, four instructors to participate in the design of the internship project, the project in September this year, 10 The official operation of the month, on December 2 for the first time on display.
Solar Electric Vehicle
It is understood that solar energy vehicles are pure handmade teachers and students to build a total of five solar polysilicon board installed at the bottom of the car also installed five groups of 100 amps of the battery in the parking excess energy to store for use in rainy weather . Lighting and sound system using voltage inverter, the 60V power conversion to 12V, for the automotive electrical power supply.

Sunny day, the solar panels will be solar power batteries energy into electricity, rainy days, you can charge the battery.This solar-powered electric vehicles usually sun 3 hours to run 1 hour, the speed can reach 50 kilometers per hour, variable speed system with automatic and Manual combination mode operation is relatively simple. "Li Chao said.

Li Chao also frankly, solar electric car project in the project is only a rough idea, now forming the car is the result of numerous programs after the experiment. For example, he said, only the installation of solar panels in the form they do two options. After discussion and practice, the installation of solar panels using fixed and telescopic two ways, out of the other airfoil program.
"In the space permitting, telescopic solar panels extend, fixed plate and telescopic plate used together to increase the energy conversion area, increasing its mileage. In traffic congestion, retractable solar panels retract, fixed The board continues to charge, shorten the body, improve its ease of operation. "Li Chao said.

Mention this new energy vehicles, to participate in the project students Xu Le is very excited, he told reporters, "Although the project know when to do such a solar electric car, but the product really baked when I can not believe it Turned out to be involved in hand - made, very proud, the same day I made friends circle show off.
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