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Solar Charging of Solar Backpack

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-27 09:47:53

Today, the digital device battery life has become one of the most concerned about the issue, many of the digital control are the most intolerable is the lack of smart devices on hand. If you can, really hope to have been back block mobile power beside.


Now, this desire can really be achieved.


Recently, a dedicated to the development of electronic products, called BirkSun team developed a solar charging backpack, it like a solar powered portable generator. in addition to have the most basic admission function, but also equipped with solar panels, the body can be anytime, anywhere digital charging device, Ensure that the power of the equipment at hand full grid. California users try to back a week later, the biggest feeling is: Why not all the backpack can be charged!

 Solar Backpack

The BirkSun designed a total of two different styles, respectively, backpack and diagonal cross-package. Outside the BirkSun backpack is equipped with a solar panel, you can charge anytime, anywhere. Battery panel is equipped with a USB interface, you can charge almost all the smart devices, so you can bid farewell to the "low power" of the curse.


Speaking of which, maybe you will worry about this BirkSun backpack will sink to death, in fact, do not worry. The weight of BirkSun is only 1.13kg, and ordinary shoulder bag is almost the same. In order to reduce the weight of the backpack, BirkSun backpack with a monocrystalline silicon solar panels. At the same time, the backpack with a high-quality fabric hand-finished, built-in wool texture of the computer protective cover, notebook computers, digital cameras, mobile phones and other mobile devices can be properly placed. Even if there is no blessing of solar panels, to be an ordinary digital package is more than enough.


If the sun is bright, BirkSun absolutely no problem on the back. Even if it is slightly cloudy, BirkSun built-in solar panels can also use the weak sunlight, for their full power, so you no longer afraid of low power. BirkSun backpack built-in solar panel capacity is not too large, but full of an iPhone mobile phone or more than enough, so it is just like a portable solar power generator.


Of course, if there is no sun, BirkSun built-in solar panels can also be charged directly, as ordinary mobile power.

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