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Solar Cells And PV Modules In India

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-23 09:24:16
solar cellsAccording to the new data released by the Indian Ministry of New Energy and Renewable Energy (MNRE), the installed capacity of domestic solar cells and PV modules in October 2016 was 1,468 MW and 5,648 MW, respectively.

The operating capacity of solar powered portable generator cells reached 1,123.05 MW and the total PV module capacity was 4,307.55 MW.

According to the national solar mission objectives, by 2020 India will achieve 4-5GW of local manufacturing capacity.

According to MNRE, the largest local solar cell manufacturers are Jupiter Solar Pvt (280 MW), Indosolar (250 MW) and Moser Baer Solar (250 MW).

Waaree Energies and Vikram Solar are the largest PV module manufacturers in India (with production capacity of 500 megawatts), followed by Tata Power Solar Systems Ltd, with a capacity of 300 megawatts.
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