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Solar Cell Phone Not Coming?

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-08 15:10:03
cell phoneIt is undeniable that the current smart phone manufacturers are very hard, each conference they will give us a little surprise, but over the years, the phone with the lithium battery or piece of lithium batteries, we get only the capacity figures of the growth, the user is still a charge a day, no one can escape the curse.

Many people are angry, that solar water heaters are popular for many years, and solar roof is not new, why our cell phone still can not use this solar powered portable generator inexhaustible clean energy?

In fact, manufacturers have been working hard, including Apple and Samsung are working to speed up the work of miniaturization of solar panels, but why so many years, we have not seen any signs of technological breakthrough?

Solar charging concept is indeed very good, but in the new material to achieve a breakthrough before, I am afraid that some unrealistic. The future, the solar cell phone in order to truly achieve development, we must identify the location, continue to reduce costs, based on the choice of those lack of electricity but not lack of sun to promote the region. Right now, many signal towers in India are covered with solar panels, with clean energy to solve people's electricity needs, if the phone can be fully solar-powered, remote areas of electricity in the future can be fully guaranteed, so the solar cell phone in this Class areas of the voice is high.
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