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Solar Cell Factory In Vietnam

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-12-03 12:17:31
In order to meet the international market demand, China's first-tier manufacturers JA Solar officially launched investment activities in Vietnam, is expected within three years to complete the total investment of US $ 1 billion, set up solar powered portable generator cell factory.

November 26, JA officially launched in Vietnam, solar cell factory factory building. The new plant is located in Quang Chau Industrial Park, Beijiang, Vietnam, with an initial investment of US $ 320 million, covering an area of approximately 88 hectares. A total investment of US $ 1 billion will be phased in over the next three years and the plant will be built.
Solar cell
According to reports, JA Solar did not disclose the details of the capacity, completion and commissioning time of the Vietnamese plant, but the plant is expected to be able to create 3,000 copies of local work during the construction period. After being put into operation, it is expected to create 500 million Yuan revenue.

JA in Malaysia has nearly 1GW battery capacity. As with the new Vietnam plant, the batteries produced by the two factories will be mainly supplied to the international market, such as Europe and the United States. Europe and the United States for the production of  solar power generator energy products in China is still possible to implement tariff barriers, Jing A positive expansion in the third action, will help to eliminate the impact of trade barriers.

In September this year, JA has voluntarily withdrawn from the EU limit price agreement. At that time, JA has said it will supply the European market with overseas production capacity.
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