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Solar, Batteries And Electric Vehicles

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-11 13:17:03
In September 5, 2016, it was in Canada and other parts of the world's labor day, which is a tradition dating back to 1872. Many people have seen the progress of technology, they celebrate the day of enemies, the automation of the work process and the destruction of work. However, this is the technological progress, the first to lead the organization of the labor force as the assembly line to replace the cottage industry. So it seems like working on behalf of those who are in iron and steel Mills, coal mines, assembly lines, oil rigs, classrooms and offices, there is no technology, there will not be today on this day.

When it comes to technology, further disrupting our world, Diamandis Ramez shares with us Naam Peter's observation, energy and environmental systems chair, singularity university. Naam is the author of the Nexus series, the science fiction trilogy for the future of the world in the post human era. He also wrote infinite resources: the power of ideas on a limited planet. Diamandis interviewed by his perspective on creativity Naam three subversive: solar powered protable generator batteries and electric vehicles (EV). I wish you like it.

88 minutes later, the energy from the sun hit the surface of the earth 470 AI Jiao, as much energy as the human consumption of one year. At 112 hours - less than five days - to provide 36 zettajoules of energy. This is as much energy as is contained in the oil, coal and natural gas all proved reserves of the earth. If human beings can catch 1 parts in 1000 (1/10 of one percent) of the solar strike Earth - only one part in one thousand - we can get six times the energy consumption in all forms, because we are today.

These alarming figures, with solar PV cost index decreased (dollar price per watt solar cell), we are on track to meet the world's energy production between fifty percent and one hundred percent (from solar and other renewable energy) in the next 20 years. The sun has weakened the coal and natural gas in sunny areas. Look at the cost of a linear decline.
In the past 30 years, the price of solar modules has dropped by 100 times. The key is that a new portable solar power generator energy price record was set at $0.0291 a few weeks ago in Chile, 58% lower than the natural gas price of a new plant.
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