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SolAero US Navy UAV Project

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-04-08 09:32:17
Recently, SolAero Technologies announced that it has provided solar cells for the US Navy UAV project. SolAero is located in the United States, is a highly efficient solar cell, solar photovoltaic panels and composite structure products supplier.

In the US Navy UAV project, SolAero specially designed efficient solar cells will be integrated into the flexible film, and eventually integrated into the aircraft wings, which will produce about 40W of flight energy. Solar cells can convert solar radiation directly into electrical energy, power for long-term battery life, and charge the aircraft battery to ensure night flight.
SolAero US Navy UAV Project
In addition, SolAero offers two solar panels that produce about 100W of energy and is used by the US Naval Research Laboratory to integrate it with carbon fiber wings for other certified aircraft.

In fact, this is not the first time SolAero and UAV-related projects. Prior to SolAero and the United States Bye Aerospace company reached a product development and production collaboration agreement, SolAero will be Bye Airlines and the company's solar power batteries unmanned aerial vehicles to provide efficient solar cells and flexible solar modules.

Solaero received OneWeb's solar panel contract in June last year to provide solar panels for OneWeb's 900 low-Earth orbit satellite satellites. OneWeb, a startup in London, UK, and SpaceX, hopes to provide high-speed, low-latency Internet coverage across the globe by launching satellites over the Earth, and the network costs will be further reduced; and many backward areas will Get rid of the dilemma. Tesla, Google and Facebook are also working on similar projects.

OneWeb behind the investment team can be described as gorgeous, it completed in 2015, 500 million A round of financing, investors, including Airbus, Qualcomm, Virgin Group, Boeing and Coca-Cola and other companies. At the end of 2016 by the Japanese Softbank company led a new round of investment, Softbank specific investment amount of about 1 billion US dollars.
SolAero US Navy UAV Project
After obtaining OneWeb's battery pack contract, SolAero announced at the beginning of the year that it would invest $ 10 million to expand Albuquerque's factory facilities. The investment will enable SolAero to integrate carbon-clad honeycomb panels on portable solar power generator solar panels and battery loops to create photovoltaic sheets that will be able to be integrated into higher-level components.

In addition to satellites, SolAero's solar cells are also used in the US Navy UAV data: satellite.

SolAero also recently reached a partnership with OHB, responsible for the binary task. SolAero's subsidiary Alliance Aerospace Systems will be responsible for the design, manufacture and testing of the Pacific Array for SARah and the Environmental Mapping and Analysis Project (EnMAP), which will design and manufacture solar panels. SARA is a follow-up system for the German SAR-Lupe radar reconnaissance satellite; EnMAP is a German hyperspectral earth observation (EO) satellite for critical dynamic processes of global scale earth ecosystems.
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