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Soft package penetration has over 6 percent in the field of 3C

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-20 17:06:02

In the digital field, with the consumer electronics products for the battery made of small size, thin, flexible features more and more obvious, soft package alternative square aluminum casing speed is accelerating, Veken, Tian Jin and other traditional aluminum battery Enterprises are increasing investment in the field of soft package layout.


The field of application of power battery and solar power generator field is also accelerating, research found that, including Beiqi, Changan, Dongfeng and other domestic high-end new energy passenger cars are beginning to use soft pack power battery.

 soft package

Although the single-cell capacity of the high square, but heavy and large, while the energy-saving advantages of the battery in the energy density, and the current monomer batteries are also to large capacity, high-rate direction, more in line with the requirements of electric vehicle development .


Compared with the cylindrical battery, although its production process is mature, obvious advantages of energy density, but because of the single-cell capacity is small, resulting in the same size of the battery pack requires more batteries, the battery management system BMS requirements very high, and the flexible battery capacity of the single cell can reach more than 10 18650-type cylindrical battery, the lower the BMS requirements, the majority of domestic and even around the world BMS supporting capacity is limited, the future, large-capacity battery Pack will not Too much use of cylindrical batteries. Our solar powered portable generator will use this battery.


Based on the above judgments, many people in the industry consensus is that, with the replacement of aluminum-plastic film and the rapid acceleration of large-scale production of soft battery power, the advantages of the cost of the battery will gradually highlight the advantages, in this context, its Power market share will be further increased.

With the electronic products to small, intelligent, wearable direction, requires the battery should have a small size, thin, flexible features, and soft polymer lithium battery with its excellent overall performance in smart phones, Tablet PCs, wearable devices and other consumer electronics products widely used, and the growth rate far exceeds the lifepo4 battery industry average.


Data statistics show that in 2015 the battery pack in the mobile phone batteries and laptop batteries 3C penetration of the two areas have reached more than 60%.


GGII analysis, with the 3C market innovation trends to strengthen, wearable devices, Internet of things emerging markets emerging, these new products will make up for the advent of smart phones, laptops growth is weak, the global demand for 3C batteries will appear a new Round growth is expected to global demand for 3C batteries in the next five years are able to maintain a compound growth rate of about 10%, and the permeability of soft battery will be further enhanced.

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