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Soft bag batteries replacement trend is obvious

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-21 17:35:10

Global, according to lithium large data statistics show that in 2015 lithium battery production reached 157 billion yuan, up 29%, lithium battery shipments reached 95.29GWh, an increase of 33.5%, which applies to new energy vehicles, tricycles, electric Bicycles, wheelbarrows and other vehicle types of power battery shipments reached 30.02GWh, accounting for about 30% of the total shipments.


In three types of lithium batteries, the global battery in 2015 with a square battery production capacity of the same, are about 34GWh, accounting for about 36% each, while the cylindrical battery production such as lifepo4 batteries was 26.68GWh, accounting for about 28%.


Domestic, according to engineering lithium statistics show that in 2015 square, cylindrical, soft battery production were 17GWh, 10.1GWh, 19.8GWh, accounting for 36.4%, respectively, 21.5%, 42.3%, soft bag accounting for more than Square and cylindrical, as shown in Figure 1, the first half of 2016 from the domestic battery production situation, the square, cylindrical battery production chain in the second quarter fell significantly, only the second quarter of soft battery production chain increased.

Square battery, 16Q2 production decline was mainly due to the digital battery market soft bags continue to replace the square and cylindrical, aluminum before the aluminum plant such as Veken, Zhenhua, Tian Jin gradually give up the square line, into a soft bag or dynamic cylinder Batteries, in addition to the square power battery demand has also been reduced.


Cylindrical batteries, 16Q2 output decreased mainly due to the original cylinder manufacturers will gradually transform the digital battery production capacity into power batteries, such as Foster new energy, power of God, BAK, etc., and power cylinder batteries in the mini-car, logistics car The use of a larger proportion, but the second quarter of the market by the policy to adjust the volume of shipments have been greatly affected; other mobile power, notebook and other areas of the proportion of soft-pack batteries are also rising, replacing the cylinder battery trend is obvious.


Soft battery, 16Q2 production chain growth, mainly due to the growth of digital battery production chain, the other soft battery in the power sector to enhance the penetration rate. It can be used in solar powered portable generator.


Can be seen in the case of weak industry, the total battery pack is still contrarian growth, is that its replacement trend is obvious.

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