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Silver Dragon "Titanium" Fast

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-22 09:21:08
Titanium"Miss Dong" praised as "buried in the gold in the sand," the Silver Dragon new energy, Gree was priced at 13 billion yuan acquisition of 100% stake in two months after the new energy industry in Wu'an, Hebei Long Industrial Park built known as the world The largest lithium titanate materials and lifepo4 battery pack production base in the October 21 officially put into operation, the pace of cooperation is really Silver Dragon "Titanium" fast!

Gree chairman Dong Mingzhu acquired Silver Dragon is not to make big revenue and cross-border into the automotive field, but value the silver-long lithium titanate battery technology, in the "witnessed the action power of silver titanium 2016 Austrian titanium materials, silver Long battery industry promotion ", Miss Dong a casual dress, easy self-confidence, once again for the Silver Dragon sent a wish:" people's lives have entered a better era, but the beautiful behind the destruction of the environment and pollution, so , Silver Long on the investment in new technologies, new products into production is of great significance.Yin Long was born in Zhuhai, grew up in Handan, as an important production base, Handan will be China, the world to provide better environmental protection materials, Of the technology is leading, which boost the entire industry chain for enterprises to provide a strong support and I believe that through future technological upgrading, Silver Lung will grow into a world - class enterprises!

Silver Long Group President Sun Guohua said today, Silver Dragon ushered in ten happy event, perfect. One is universal, automatic identification of charging equipment officially put into operation; the second is the hydrogen titanium powertrain, long-distance bus will be off the assembly line; third Shijiazhuang in Bo annual output of 20,000 electric bus project put into operation; four nano-cathode materials under construction ; Five is an annual output of 200 million square meters wet diaphragm plant under construction; Sixth, Guangtong Handan Branch annual output of 30,000 new energy logistics vehicles, special vehicles, light bus plant completed and put into production; 7 Sino-US cooperation in nano-materials research ; 9 is an annual output of 7,000 tons of nano-materials production line of lithium titanate production line put into operation; 10 is a total investment of 10 billion capacity to match the full construction project started in May; .
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