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Shenzhou 11 "Wings" Components Most Domestic Production

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-30 08:50:04

shenzhou"In the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center from the launch site back to the resident of Pakistan, broke out in a burst of excitement and warm applause." Successful opening of the solar cell wings means that the Shenzhou-11 spacecraft power sub-system developed by Shanghai Aerospace 811 is operating normally.

Shenzhou 11 spacecraft in the Shenzhou series of spacecraft solar power batteries cell wings used mainly rely on imports of raw materials. However, after the success of the Shenzhou-10 spacecraft, the US-led Western countries began to embargo on China.

"Now want to come, in fact, the embargo is a bad thing is a good thing." 811 director of the designer, Shenzhou Power Sub-System 11 Shenbing Bing recalled the situation in 2013, "This forced us to embark on independent research and development Of the road, but also for the future realization of space station construction of the autonomy and control to lay the foundation.
Spacecraft power subsystem is often referred to as the "heart" of spacecraft, to build our own space station, solar cell wings localization is the only way. From the moment that the embargo was learned, Shen Bingbing and his team began a nationwide research, looking for Shenzhou 11 spacecraft solar powered portable generator cell wings to use raw materials.

Ultimately, the Shenzhou 11 "wings" in the components to achieve more than 90% of domestic, as all domestic satellite models in the most complete domestic model.

Shenzhou 11 spacecraft in orbit than Shenzhou spacecraft 10 times longer. 30 days, which is the power sub-system control is a "big test." Moreover, when the Shenzhou 11 spacecraft and the Temple of Space Laboratory docking docking, some of the equipment will stop working. By then, the entire spacecraft's load will be reduced to 40%, the battery in the case of long-term continuous load and discharge of small load, resulting in memory effect, once the load increases back to the rated load, there will be insufficient battery power supply problems, and these are Is determined by the characteristics of the battery itself.

To solve this difficult problem, so that the battery "amnesia", the 811 energy storage unit to adjust the charging curve using the method, through a large number of ground long-term test, and finally worked out a spacecraft Shenzhou 11 and work to match the state of charge curve. Now, Shenzhou 11 spacecraft has brought its "wings" into space began to work, which Shen Bingbing and his team is a test.
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