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Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau 110 KV Tantou Substation Energy Storage Device

Author: Source: Datetime: 2018-11-20 17:09:57
On November 20th, the energy storage device of the 110 kV Tantou substation was successfully connected to the grid, becoming the first grid-side energy storage power station to be connected to the grid. The successful operation of the device can provide millisecond response for the Shenzhen Western Power Grid, with a maximum charge and discharge time of up to two hours, providing 10 MWh of reserve power, and balancing the electricity consumption of about 1,000 residential customers in a short period of time to ease the difficulty of power grid construction. Limited power supply in the area.

The 110 kV Tantou Substation is located in Songgang Street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, and is a heavy load area for electricity load. The Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau uses the space in the substation to build energy storage devices on the grid side, including 6 energy storage containers, 3 box-type step-up transformers, and 1 switch station container. The total area is about 900 square meters and the maximum power is 5 megawatts. Among them, the energy storage container composed of the energy storage battery module group, the battery management system (BMS), the bidirectional inverter system (PCS), the load monitoring terminal and the like is the core part of the device, and can realize the “valley charging and peak period”. The function of discharging.
Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau 110 KV Tantou Substation Energy Storage Device
It is reported that the project not only can alleviate the power supply limitation problem in difficult areas of power grid construction, but also has many advantages such as improving power supply reliability, safety and comprehensive utilization of land in substation. It is an optimal exploration of comprehensive benefits and also a smart grid. A practical case of development.

According to reports, the grid-connected operation of the energy storage device has the characteristics of fast response, which can provide millisecond response for the Shenzhen Western Power Grid. Compared with traditional units, such projects can quickly follow the changes in system load and intermittent renewable energy output, provide power support in a timely manner, and help alleviate the FM pressure brought by large-scale access to renewable power generation. At the same time, it can provide various types of auxiliary services such as rotating standby and voltage regulation to improve the safe operation level of the power grid.

At present, China's power grid side energy storage devices have not been widely promoted, and some demonstration projects have been built only in Jiangsu Province and Henan Province. The power transmission of the energy storage device of Tantou Station has made up for the blank of the energy storage device on the grid side of the Southern Power Grid, and accumulated experience for the promotion of energy storage devices in the five southern provinces.
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