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Shengyang Power FCP Lead Carbon Energy Storage System Won Tibet Renewable Energy LAN Project

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-13 10:19:23
 Tibet Renewable Energy LAN ProjectRecently, Shengyang Power FCP lead carbon energy storage system successfully won the bid for Huadian Nima County, Tibet renewable energy LAN project. It is reported that the project is the world's highest altitude, the largest optical storage diesel (oil) micro-grid power station, is the national key support for accurate poverty alleviation, accurate poverty alleviation livelihood projects.

According to reports, the project by the China Huadian Corporation Tibet Branch building, State Power Nanjing Automation Co., Ltd. design and general contracting. The whole project is made up of light storage (oil) power station and urban distribution network, including 22MW photovoltaic power station system, 12MW energy storage power bi-directional inverter, 12MWh lithium ion battery group, 36MWh lead carbon battery group and 2 sets of 1500kW diesel power generation machine.

As a leader in solar powered portable generator energy storage system solutions, Shengyang power with FCP lead carbon battery-leading technology and mature energy storage system solutions successful bidder. FCP lead-carbon battery is the introduction of Japan's Furukawa Battery Co., Ltd. Japan's leading lead carbon technology, the domestic production of energy-based advanced energy storage battery, the 70% DOD cycle life of up to 4200 times to meet the project on long life, High reliability energy storage system needs.
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