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Sharp Begins To Enter Chinese Solar Market

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-04 21:36:39
China Taiwan Honghai Zi company Sharp will begin to strengthen overseas business, which due to weak domestic demand for solar cells in Japan, Sharp consider it a huge scale to enter the Chinese mainland solar market. Reportedly, Sharp solar powered protable generator products strength lies in the power generation efficiency and high durability, while Sharp has begun to conduct market research in China, large-scale solar power plants needed to try to sell solar products, Hon Hai also plans to mainland China Construction of distribution network.
It reported that, in addition to solar cells, Sharp will also expand sales of Chinese white goods, in addition to the establishment of Direct store outside also consider send goods directly from the factory to the consumer sales practices. It is reported that Hon Hai Sharp white goods very seriously, so plan to drive down costs by expanding sales, Sharp and Hon Hai invested before, on account of market expansion in Europe and their own television career, so Sharp also plans to buy back Europe TV career.

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