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Sharing Bicycles With Battery

Author: Source: Datetime: 2018-02-10 12:09:07
With the hot economy of sharing in the past two years, more and more shared products have mushroomed, sharing bicycles, sharing motorcycles, sharing cars, sharing charging treasure, sharing umbrellas, sharing mazars, sharing running shops, and the like. Among them, the shared motorcycle is undoubtedly the most twists and turns.

First of all, shared motorcycles have inherent advantages over other types of shared products and are superior to other shared products in terms of both desirability and convenience. In first-tier cities such as Beijng, there are tens of thousands of workers commuting between the subway, bus station and office every day. And a large proportion of them out of the public transport platform also need to go a few kilometers away to get to work place. As a result, the solution to the commuters "the last few kilometers" of shared motorcycles came into being. Compared to sharing bicycles, motorcycles to share more time, effort, speed is relatively fast.
Sharing Bicycles With Battery
However, while the motorcycles solved the travel needs of the "last few kilometers," they were banned in many places. Following Beijing and Shanghai, Guangzhou also introduced relevant policies to prohibit the sharing of motorcycles related leasing activities, which undoubtedly put a cold water to the fiery "shared economy" in 2017. The reason is undoubtedly the safety of shared motorcycles has been widely questioned. Among them, the battery issue of motorcycle the most attention. Battery self-ignition, battery short circuit, damp, drum kits, etc. These problems can seriously affect the future development of shared motorcycles.

As one of the core components of shared motorcycles, the cost of portable solar power generator batteries accounts for more than one-third of the cost of a shared motorcycle. Therefore, lithium battery safety is the most important consideration. On the other hand, the quality of lithium batteries, the number of times the number of single charge, the remaining charge of the precise calculation of the battery cycle life and so determine the shared motorcycle user experience and profitability.

Therefore, the safety and monitoring performance of shared lithium ion batteries should be enhanced and enhanced in many aspects, such as the enhancement of the shell structure of the shared motorcycle battery; the intelligent battery management system (BMS) is adopted to facilitate battery operation Background monitoring; real-time control of the remaining power and location information and other relevant information; additional display of surplus power, fault diagnosis, fault warning and battery supervision related parameters display.

With the rapid development of shared motorcycles, battery companies also have to increase the layout of motorcycle battery. Star Power said that at present, the shared motorcycle battery has been modular, and in accordance with national standards defined several different products for the shared motorcycles to provide complete solutions from battery production to recovery, to help operators improve vehicle operation Efficiency, cost savings.
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