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Shanshan Cooperates With Juhua Group On Lithium Battery Materials

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-22 14:27:41
shanshanShanshan and Juhua Group 50,000 tons / year lithium battery materials and related projects officially laid the foundation stone. Municipal Committee, Mayor Du Shiyuan announced the project started. Chairman and President of Ningbo Shanshangufen Co., Ltd. Zhuang Wei, City Leader Fu Genyou, Hu Zhongming and Tang Feifan attended the ceremony.

The project is located in Quzhou green industry cluster high-tech Area, an area of 223 acres. Juhua Group and Shanshangufen will cooperate in the aspects of project investment, technology research and development, product manufacturing and market operation, so as to build an integrated project with an annual output of 6,000 tons of lithium hexafluorophosphate and 50,000 tons of lithium ion battery electrolyte. It is expected to become a domestic and international Class lithium core material production and R & D base.

Juhua Group, the official said, Juhua and Shanshan "hand" is the government-led, state-owned enterprises and private enterprises strong model of cooperation, but also Juhua into the new energy industry has taken a strategic pace. Shanshangufen as the world's largest supplier of lithium-ion composite materials, has established a complete new energy automotive industry chain; giant of the shares is the largest fluorine chemical production base in the lifepo4 battery pack electrolyte, membrane coating and other key battery materials Basic raw materials have a certain technical foundation and advantages. "The two companies echo upstream and downstream, diversified cooperation pattern of development is conducive to enhance the competitiveness of related industries and the right to speak.

The industry believes that Shanshangufen cooperation with Juhua Group, not only to accelerate the city's lithium battery materials industry to the high-end, clustering direction to grow and build, build lithium-ion battery materials, billions of industrial clusters of great significance, but also for the city Various types of platform-based enterprises to provide a lot of investment is worth learning from the successful experience.
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