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Shanghai First Green Low-Carbon Bus Station

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-04 14:56:34
Recently, Shanghai's first green low-carbon bus station in Pudong on the South Bus Hi-Tech Road parking officially put into operation, the parking of all the new energy bus to achieve solar charging.
Shanghai First Green Low-Carbon Bus Station
This year in June, the South Bus Company in Gaoke West Road parking lot roof installation of nearly 2,000 square meters of solar powered portable generator panels, so that the roof into a clean solar power station. Through more than three months of construction and commissioning, fragmentation of photovoltaic power generation, not only to improve the roof insulation, but also effectively solve the problem of high electricity costs to meet energy saving and emission reduction requirements. The project has become a demonstration project of energy-saving and emission reduction in Shanghai.

Since the trial operation in October, Gaoke West Road parking average daily power generation 600 degrees, is expected to save the energy throughout the year for a bus to run 150,000 km.
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