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Seok Wo Anounces Obtain Philippines 50MW Power Plant

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 17:16:59

Actively in the development of solar power generation business overseas pulp plant seok Wo announcement, a subsidiary of Merchant Energy Pte.Ltd. Obtained Philippines 50MW power plant, ie the equity of the company Sunshine Solar Power. Wo-seok also said it will continue to drive home and build a solar power plant work, now the solar power could use lifepo4 battery pack to replace lead acid batteries.

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Seok Wo Taiwan earlier into the international power plant development company, the main target markets in Asia, including a 17MW power plant in Fukushima, Japan, 2.34MW Japan Chiba plant, 5.44MW Japan Asakura plant, 2.4MW Japan Gang mountain Power plant, 13MW power plant in Hiroshima, Japan, 50MW power plant in the Philippines. The latter three are under construction, while the Philippines power plant due to transfer of funds, Shuo Wo announcement law.

Wo-seok performance in the second quarter decline, after-tax earnings quarter by about 30 percent, to NT $ 424 million yuan, earnings per share of 6.96 yuan. Revenue in July than in June was also a decline of 9.2%, relatively flat as a whole is also expected in the third quarter. But countries with large Wo Shuo Chen Jiming, general manager Huangwen Rui are expected, the solar powered portable generator market in the fourth quarter will be warmed.
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