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Santa Rita Large-scale PV Systems

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-20 09:01:44
The spring of 2002, Alameda County, California, successfully completed the world's fourth largest container Dong solar power generation system, the location is above California's Santa Rita jail. Santa Rita jail is Ala Meda county houses the largest solar power consumption Dong place. This is one of the largest rooftop solar power generator systems, is helping Alameda County to reduce and stabilize energy costs.In some special places there has emergency portable solar power generator for emergency situations.
Large-scale PV System
The wisdom of the project by making solar power generation into the public grid prison less obtained 30% of the electricity. The total capacity of 1.18MW, covers an area of the solar cell module of about 3 acres (1 acre = 4046. 8m2). Before the entire project is completed, the initial installation of 650kW photovoltaic power system helps prison withstood energy crisis in California.

Completion of the project for the benefit of Alameda County and California are as follows.
① less can get into the public grid every year 2.4 million kW? H of electricity, these solar power all through the production, greatly reduces the load on the grid.
② emissions per year 380 000 call (: 02, 240001b (llb = 0.4536kg) NOi, the environmental benefits are very obvious.
③ small amount of system maintenance.
④ system operating costs low.
⑤ Alameda County to add f iconic buildings, increase its visibility.
Large-scale PV Systems
Santa Rita jail photovoltaic power generation project completed in three phases.

The first stage in July 2001, the installation of solar power generation systems of 519kW at the top of the prison where 18 residential groups of six and upgrade the roof cooling system and energy management system. The main purpose is to reduce the California energy crisis of the high price.

The second phase in October 2001, Alameda County, California, takes full advantage of the government emphasis on solar energy applications in the two residential groups 131kW rooftop PV systems installed.

The third stage after the success of two previous installation, Alameda County in April 2002 to continue the installation of photovoltaic power generation system to further reduce operating costs, and demonstrate large-scale solar photovoltaic power generation is feasible. The energy consumption of the users, the economy is also very attractive. 18 housing complex in a top U have installed flat photovoltaic modules.

Technological Innovation

①Alameda County PV project can be reduced by 30% of the electricity grid, greatly reducing the pressure on the public grid.
② Intelligent energy management system to optimize the development of intelligent energy management system M processed by a computer, and when the electrical power generated by the solar time reduction automatically reduces the peak power consumption. Reduce solar power may be due to the clouds covered the sun produces such weather conditions. For example: In a summer afternoon, if the cloud layer covered the sun 5min, intelligent system automatically corresponding reduction in energy consumption that prisons do not have to purchase additional electricity from the power grid Gao price.
③ Roof cooling system is not installed photovoltaic modules on the roof using a special reflective coating capabilities, it can reflect 65% of solar energy. This can effectively reduce the temperature of the roof in summer, improve the conversion efficiency of solar cells.
④ The use of the underlying insulation to protect the roof and lowering the temperature inside the building. Assembly roof surface a few inches apart, like a huge umbrella effectively blocked the roof, so blocking only reduces the temperature of the roof and roof ventilation makes Yang relatively smooth, solar power portable generator to reduce the radiation transferred to the inside of the building can.
⑤ Section uses proprietary photovoltaic roof tiles, this tile can be installed on a flat roof surface, rather than into them. This avoids damage to the roof of the original structure.
⑥ Replace inefficient equipment through the use of non-ozone-depleting compounds (CFCs) and efficient cooling Mo to replace the old cooler.

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