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Samsung SDI Lost After Galaxy Note 7 Recall

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-26 08:44:57
Samsung SDI lost about a fifth of its market capitalization after the Galaxy Note 7 recall, and more than doubled operating losses in the third quarter compared to last year, Reuters reported.

Even if Apple is worried about the use of Samsung SDI battery their own products are safe, but the latter official statement that the battery problem is limited to Note 7, according to the survey showed that the major customers of other products are not affected.
Samsung engineers are still unable to find out the exact reason Galaxy Note 7 explosion. The battery may be a spontaneous ignition point for the Galaxy Note 7, but the battery may be subject to several factors to cause overheating and fire. The point is finding the better solar power batteries to solve the problem.

As the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone was exposed in September this year, the battery is defective, there is the risk of an explosion, and has been in the global context of a number of accidents. South Korea's Samsung Electronics announced that in many countries and regions worldwide recall the cover of Note7 phone, and the replacement of this phone. Samsung SDI offers 70% of the battery used by its parent company. Samsung SDI is considered to be responsible for the recall of the Galaxy Note 7, despite the fact that ATL's batteries are still in fire. Unless Samsung found the Galaxy Note 7 the real reason for the accident, or difficult to convince everyone to regain confidence in their product safety.
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