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Samsung Note 7

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-06 08:35:23
batteryAs part of the recall plan, ready to replace Samsung Note 7 recall all Samsung SDI batteries to ensure user safety. In addition, future new batch Note 7 will be completely abandoned SDI battery, switch to Chinese manufacturers ATL.

It is reported that the first batch of Note 7 in 70% of lifepo4 batteries are used in Samsung SDI in an amount of about 250 million units, the remaining 30% are using Chinese manufacturers ATL battery. If SDI completely missed the next delivery, then ATL will become even LG Note 7 battery supplier.

Samsung said in a statement in the official recall, SDI's battery caught fire and exploded Note 7 caused the main reason, which is a subsidiary of Samsung's home from 2014 began to produce non-replaceable battery, Samsung is attempting to improve self-sufficiency parts rate, to keep the margin of its products.

In the previous S6 and S7 series, Samsung SDI does not use batteries, and Note 7 this first shot actually harming their own people, it is a bit ironic.

If the future orders completely lost Note 7, SDI industry this year will inevitably quite ugly. Including the cost of the recall takes the third quarter of this year, SDI is probably less income of $ 16 million. And this massive recall plan will make Samsung's $ 1 billion boondoggle, impact on brand image is immeasurable.
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