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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Explosion Due To Bad Battery

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-03 07:52:56
Samsung Galaxy Note 7Recently, Samsung's new flagship Galaxy Note 7 occurred in two rechargeable explosion, after, Samsung issued a statement: "Galaxy Note shipments 7 has been postponed because of the quality of products being made for further testing." But Samsung said there was no showing that the extension has a relationship with the bombing.

CCTV verification: battery explosion due to bad battery

This afternoon, according to CCTV Financial, ZDNet, Taiwan Electronics Times when multiple sources reported that Samsung Electronics has announced the recall in the Korean market will be fully newest smartphone Note 7, because the phone exploded, the investigation confirmed its poor battery problem resulting in.

Conservative estimates Note 7 Samsung sold about 40 million units, Samsung Electronics said it would free the user maintenance and replacement of lifePo4 batteries.

However, Samsung Electronics was announced tonight at 11:00 officially launched in China in Note 7. Samsung explained that sales of mobile phones in China did not use vendor-supplied battery problem. Because the Galaxy Note 7 used battery market in China does not belong to a group that has bad problems, this group provided by the three major battery problems battery supplier.

Battery Supplier: does not receive messages

Samsung SDI is a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, who is the Note7 battery provider, the company said today, has not yet received the information display problem Note7 battery, the machine can be considered a response to the bombings.

The subsequent impact

When the August 24 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 just listed, Samsung also said:

"The current Galaxy Note 7 bookings far beyond our expectations, leading in some countries launch date had to be postponed."

Earlier, by the exquisite design and the like waterproof, Note7 got good feedback. Recently, in the case of strong market demand, Samsung announced the first delay in shipment, and then announced that because of problems with a battery full recall Galaxy Note 7, for Samsung is undoubtedly a huge blow. Samsung hopes Note7 can continue sales momentum S7 and S7 Edge before the aircraft any problems will cause a significant impact on Samsung. According to South Korean media reports, South Korea, the three operators are subject to the Samsung Note7 shipments delayed impact.

Next Thursday (Beijing time), Apple will bring iPhone7 new series. As a contender Apple phone Samsung at a critical point in time both released new models hit the solar powered protable generator quality problems, will undoubtedly itself into a passive position.
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