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S72 Solar Mobile Power Supply

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-08 15:42:59
People travel, usually through various types of digital devices for communication or entertainment, and digital equipment itself is far from enough to support their own power to run long, so people will choose a mobile power as a reserve power , Can significantly extend the life of digital devices in the hands of time. Today, I here to introduce a mobile sunshine s72 mobile power use lifepo4 battery pack for storage solar power, this is a can use solar charging can also use ac charging dual-purpose mobile power supply. When people use the outdoor side can be very square PV module string welder at any time charge, more practical.

Mobile Sunshine S72 mobile power on the sun can directly use solar charging, extended mobile power life, the nominal capacity of 7200mAh lifepo4 battery pack, can support the maximum 5V / 1A charge output, can be better To meet the needs of most users of digital devices in the hands of the charge. Many people have encountered in outdoor digital equipment without the pain, a long time outdoors with a solar mobile power is necessary.
iphone solar charger
Mobile S72 mobile power fuselage comes with monocrystalline silicon solar panels, had been used for the military; body heat ABS air plastic, better than ordinary plastic heat dissipation, better protection of power. Monocrystalline silicon solar panels allow the conversion of solar light to mobile phones, PSP and other electronic equipment.

This S72 use lifepo4 batteries with BMS very safe.Move the sun S72 top of the key hole for the beautiful design, simple and stylish, usually the user can hang it on the wall, saving space, carrying out, you can wear through the rope ring in the chest, easy access at any time. Keyhole design below a black power key, it is very eye-catching, next to the design of four LED power indicator, you can press the power key to see the remaining power. This mobile power in the design of the beginning of the adoption of a lot of user recommendations for the majority of users.
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