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Rural photovoltaic poverty alleviation is really come?

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-08 13:53:21

In both the northwest, on both sides of the Changjiang River, or Southern China, is sweeping across the land of China photovoltaic poverty to "the power of potential".pv power system in the northwest

Rural areas do not have a large area of photovoltaic application of economic conditions

PV is currently in the world rely on subsidies for the development of the industry, the developed countries are given the way FIT, namely: Subsidies - Development - reduce subsidies - continue to develop.


Since the need for subsidies, it shows that the photovoltaic itself is low investment income, no investment under the conditions of no economic value.


We can be carefully found that the solar power generator system is the first application in Europe and the United States and Japan, a highly developed areas of Japan, self use electricity prices, but also the progress of the industrial city of good areas.


However, from the second half of 2015, the rise of China crazy rural PV projects, except in Zhejiang, Jiangxi City photovoltaic area (Zhejiang, Jiangxi area is the province as a whole to support the power of the photovoltaic industry) have a certain scale of development, including the large city of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and did not get the high-speed development.a large area of rural photovoltaic application

Educated, even with the experience of living in the city of urban residents, but also to see the current uncertainty of the current policy of photovoltaic and domestic application of the basic experience of uncertainty. They know that photovoltaic in China has just started, the subsidy is not stable, the process is not clear, the quality of the system is not directly guaranteed. And the recovery period of photovoltaic system is 5-7 years, the risk can not be borne. So the installation of the enthusiasm is not too high.


However, rural residents, or follow the trend, or misinformation, think photovoltaic is the best way of managing money, even endowment, pointing to the PV can improve the fate of the family, do a good investment. However, completely but whether PV system generating capacity can reach the nominal power of propaganda, but regardless of whether the system can withstand installed after the quality of life more than 20 years, do not know Chinese new energy subsidy funding gap of up to 20 billion, you do not know a few years to receive subsidies, muddleheaded with a bunch of.


At present, the news also came out of the rural PV owners failed to get the message of photovoltaic subsidies. For this phenomenon, it is indeed a warning.


Two, rural areas do not have a large area of photovoltaic application of social conditions


Photovoltaic system has a certain effect on the original electrical wiring, power grid for safety reasons, only to allow the installation of solar backup generator systems to access the transformer capacity of less than 30%.

rural solar power roof generator application

In general, there are several 315kVA transformer, protection and power quality of the city is relatively poor urban power grid. Many rural areas and even basic security electricity and lightning protection against short circuit protection is difficult to do, in such areas access photovoltaic system, the original electrical circuit is a test.


According to the statistics of the photovoltaic system in rural areas can be installed more than 5kWp, and can be calculated, according to 315KVA of the transformer, a village may only be installed about 20 households.


The end of the network in rural areas, the grid voltage is too high, while the inverter in accordance with the requirements of national power grid protection stipulated in the scope of work, often can not meet the requirements of the rural power grid, which requires the expansion of inverter voltage withstand range, and expand the scope of safety, quality assurance is the direct result of the inverter and the grid requirements appear overrun. The problem is difficult to do the responsibility.


Rural power station almost no power plant professional design, construction, operation and maintenance of personnel and capacity. The photovoltaic system is different from other household electrical appliance, need some professional engineering design, integration, the ability of operation and maintenance units and the implementation team, and then due to Chinese rural backward, almost all rural farmers in the form of DIY power plant is popularized.rural solar power generator system applicatio

The quality of the power station is difficult to effectively guarantee. The farmer did not identify customers more ability of the product itself, more easily the probability of three products and shoddy construction appear.


In addition, the rural household electricity is very little, generally rural households, a month's electricity consumption over 150 degrees. In the need to help poor areas, may not be used to 100 degrees, home and even air conditioning and other large power devices are not installed. After the installation of photovoltaic system, the vast majority of electricity will be uploaded to the public grid, if a large area of the promotion of rural PV, which would have been not strong enough power grid has a huge impact on the reverse.


Yatan new founder Li Hui message: "can be seen from above, the rural poverty alleviation photovoltaic spring still need to wait. On the one hand, due to the rural infrastructure compared to the city behind, the current conditions are not conducive to the full development of rural poverty alleviation. This requires the state to continue to improve the conditions of rural facilities, lay a good foundation for rural poverty alleviation photovoltaic. On the other hand, the idea of the concept of the villagers need to change, the installation of solar generator still need to find a professional component providers and systems, which will help the rural poor PV maximum effectiveness."

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