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Rooftop Distributed Solar Power System In Wenzhou

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-03-15 15:57:41
My new plant to start, want to rooftop distributed solar power system in advance design, please help us to plan rules. "Teng Minliang, chairman of Zhejiang Teng Teng Electric Co., Ltd., has received a lot of warmth, like Wei Wei, chairman of Wei Rong Group, a national high-tech enterprise that produces photovoltaic power products, and solar panels are selling in the Middle East and Africa. Did not expect now Wenzhou enterprises have begun to focus on photovoltaic power generation, and sometimes I can pick a dozen calls a day. "March 3, Zhejiang Teng Teng Electric and Juyi Group Co., Ltd. officially signed 875 kilowatts of photovoltaic projects, giant group plant roof photovoltaic power generation installation area of over 8,000 square meters, will be completed by the end of May to install and put into use.

"Last year, I and the giant group Pan Pan total visit to the Great Wall Mixing Equipment Co., Ltd., they installed in 2014 distributed solar power batteries system for the enterprise to bring considerable benefits." Teng Minliang said, "Pan always interested in this, and we After several times, we simply choose our products. "" Our roof installation of this solar power system is due to energy saving and environmental protection considerations. Shoe is the traditional high power consumption of enterprises, our annual electricity consumption , The roof installed after the solar power system, the enterprise is long-term benefit, and environmental protection. "Giant group general manager Pan Jianzhong said.

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Reporters forget the account, such as giant one group to install 875 kilowatts of photovoltaic, need to invest more than 600 million. According to the strength of Wenzhou Rizhao, the lowest annual power generation in 100 million degrees. In accordance with the cost of electricity during the day 1 yuan / kWh, coupled with the national, provincial and municipal (city and county subsidies slightly different) all kinds of subsidies 0.62 yuan / kWh, more than 100 million degrees will produce nearly 1.7 million Dollar benefit. It should be noted that the state subsidy policy for up to 20 years, the equipment life of 25 years, means that companies can recover the cost of the fastest four years.

And some Wenzhou enterprises from PV to see the future of the huge market. Yalong Education Group was originally with Teng Teng Electric to discuss their own roof to install photovoltaic business, but after in-depth understanding of the photovoltaic industry had an interest. "We are a company dedicated to providing intelligent manufacturing personnel training solutions for all kinds of tertiary institutions. If we can promote distributed solar power system in national colleges and universities so that students can learn about science and technology, I feel that the future is very promising. Chen Jiquan, chairman of the company, said: "On the eve of the two sessions held this year," the CPC Central Committee and State Council on the deepening of the agricultural supply side of the structural reform to accelerate the development of new agricultural and rural development of a number of opinions "for the first time included in photovoltaic power generation, clean energy Content, then pass the universal PV era is about to officially come the signal.

Teng Minliang said that thanks to the strong support of national policies, solar power this year will usher in a rapid development opportunity.
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