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Rockhampton Man Leads Solar Technology Charge

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-10 16:47:30
Solar technologyEager to cut back on his quarterly $1700 bill, the Millroy St resident is now leading the pack as the first in Rockhampton to have installed and registered the Tesla Powerwall home battery - designed by the entrepreneurs behind Tesla vehicles and privately owned satellite launch company Space-X, which works for NASA.

Solahart manager and design engineer Grant Bond installed the system about one month ago, and explained the system was a "scaled down" version of the lifepo4 battery pack used in Tesla's solar-powered cars, and worked with solar panels to potentially cut back your usage from the grid to zero.

"In essence the solar panels produce power through the day, that power initially is going into Peter's house so any power he is using during the day he is using through the solar panels," Grant explained.

"And any leftover is then going into the battery, charging the battery, and then in the afternoon and evening he is drawing power back out of the battery."

Peter explained he invested in the technology after he took a voluntary redundancy last year from BMA's Blackwater mine on the advice of his accountant, and said while he now works one week on, one week off at Yarrabee, there was still plenty of power being used in his two-storey home.

"I live with my wife and two teenage children, so we use the air-conditioning, the stereo, fridges a lot."

Peter is still awaiting his first bill, but said he would be happy to install another battery if needed as the way he views it, they will eventually pay for themselves.

"Our current bill, I think it's about $1,700, so even if we reduce it, that's going to be a benefit.

Since the system was installed it has already dramatically reduced Peter's usage from the grid from an average of 30-40kw to 8kw.

Grant said a good, hybrid system would set you back about $10,000 on top of the cost of your solar panels.

He said Tesla was taking huge strides in sustainable energy, and he believed within the next five to ten years batteries would become standard to homes.

"The world's heading that way, we are following as what they are doing in the western world which is basically becoming more self-sufficient in your power use," he said.

"Generate it on your roof, store it in the batteries and use it yourself and that's where the world is heading, and the governments have recognised that that's what's going on as well."
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