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"Responsible for the Public Safety" is the Primary Consideration for Power Battery

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-18 09:21:27

On ASTM-UL international standards roundtable meeting of balance car, representatives of a number of standard-setting agents, "said head of security for the public and obtain consumer confidence" is the primary consideration in the development of industry standards, especially for new industries. Especially for solar powered portable generator, the safety is important too.

balance car safety

Executive vice president of ASTM ISO MO Kai Ling (Katharine Morgan) said that to ensure the safety of consumer products, to respond rapidly to the market, developing high quality standards has important significance to the development of new industries; American UL Greater China Marketing Director Zhang Jian represents, UL2272 standards adhering to balance the car responsible for the safety of the public attitude quickly drafted, the ultimate goal is to help "Made in China" to win the trust of American consumers and regulatory agencies; Resident Representative of United States consumer Product safety Commission (CPSC) Michu can (Jacob Miller). He pointed out that the product early in the design should be rooted security genes which, such products can be accepted by consumers.

Our power battery and electric car industry from 2015 was the explosive growth, but from July this year, as part of the production and use of the battery caught fire accident occurred, public confidence in the battery and electric vehicle industry frustrated, thereby affecting the sustained and healthy development of the electric car industry.

In view of this, the government formulated a series of relevant standards this year, for electric vehicles, power battery, and hope that through the establishment of standards, and promote long-term development of the industry. I believe that American standards department of public safety as the primary factor in the attitude of standards, it should be the correct attitude of our battery and electric car industry standards development.

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