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Research on grid connected photovoltaic power generation system

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-17 11:14:22

1, The introduce of solar photovoltaic power generation


Photovoltaic power generation is the use of photovoltaic effect, so that the solar radiation can be transformed into electric power generation mode, is the mainstream of solar photovoltaic power generation. Photovoltaic power generation is a way to generate light energy directly into electric energy through the thermal process, which includes photovoltaic power generation, photochemical generation, optical induction generation and photovoltaic power generation.


2, The category of solar photovoltaic power generation system


The solar power generation system can be divided into two categories, one is the independent system, the two is the system contact system (also known as the AC grid connection system). Independent system is the most basic form of solar power generation system, also known as solar power generation prototype system. This system is much used to stay away from the urban areas (unmanned control) of the sea lighthouse, buoy, peak radio relay stations, etc., as a power supply. Direct current power supply load output by solar power battery array output. If the load is AC, it is also needed to convert the DC power to AC power through the inverter. In addition, DC power output also for storage.

 grid connected photovoltaic power generation

Pool charging. Because the voltage of the load often fluctuates, so the controller should also set the controller to adjust the voltage. In terms of the electric power system, it is called "reverse flow" or popularly known as "selling electricity" ". Conversely, the normal operation of the power company is to supply electricity to the user, known as the positive trend". The advantage of the system is that when the rainy weather or the solar energy is low, the system can be directly purchased by the system. Another important advantage of the system is that it can cancel the battery, reduce the cost, and enhance the stability and reliability of the power supply.


3, solar photovoltaic power generation system



Solar power generator has two ways, one is light - heat - electricity conversion, and the other is the direct conversion of light - electricity.


3.1, light - heat - electricity conversion method


By utilizing the heat energy generated by the solar radiation, the heat energy absorbed by the solar heat collector is generally converted into the steam of the working substance. The former process is the light heat transfer process; the latter is the thermal electricity conversion process, which is the same as the ordinary thermal power generation.


3.2, light - electric direct conversion


The way is to use the photoelectric effect, the solar radiation can be directly converted into electric energy, light - electric conversion of the basic device is the solar cell. The solar cell is a kind of the photovoltaic effect of solar energy will be directly converted into electrical energy device, a semiconductor photodiode, when the sun light to the photoelectric diode, photodiode will be the sun's energy into electricity, generate electricity. When many batteries are connected in series or parallel, the solar cell array with relatively large output power can be made.

grid solar power generation

4, the main factors affecting the solar backup generator


The use of solar energy is mainly the use of solar radiation to the ground. Solar radiation can be divided into two kinds. One is the radiation from the solar surface emitted light, because it is in the form of thermal propagation of electromagnetic waves, so called electromagnetic radiation, the radiation from the visible light and invisible light. The other is a particle radiation, it is positively charged protons and approximately equal amounts of negatively charged electrons and other particles composed of particle flow, particle radiation is usually weak, energy is not stable, the solar maximum is most strong, has a certain impact on the human and the earth's upper atmosphere, but in general it is ranging from radiation onto the surface of the earth, in the day of the long distant road gradually disappeared. To this end, the solar radiation is mainly the light radiation. Because of the atmosphere, the real solar radiation reaching the earth's surface energy is affected by many factors, generally the altitude of the sun, air quality, atmospheric transparency, geographic latitude, sunshine time and altitude are the main influence factors.

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