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Research And Development New Battery Technology

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 19:21:09

In addition, energy storage research also has multiple problems, such as foam cells, flow batteries to a variety of chemical materials, no one knows which technology will attract the most funds and research heat.


Lux Research reports that the energy storage investment of more than 40 billion US dollars, such as solar power generator and wind power, the development of next-generation batteries, non-lithium-ion battery startups in the past eight years, an average of only 4 million funds, Tesla investment in lithium-ion battery factory Gigafactory invested 5 billion US dollars .


R & D new battery material threshold is very high, just to build a small production line to study the details into production, it is necessary to 500 million US dollars, car manufacturers may also take several years to test the new battery system before deciding whether to purchase, if Your company has only $ 5 million in capital a year, making it hard to invest $ 500 million in manufacturing.

 new battery

Leyden Energy, A123 Systems, Seeo, Sakti3 are not looking for the end because of the factors such as production, price and other factors that investors will not be able to achieve, even if the new battery manufacturers commercialize new technology, and will face the problem of increasing production and looking for buyers.


The world's three major battery manufacturers, Samsung, LG, Panasonic on the new chemistry and significantly change the battery technology are not too interested in, they would rather gradual improvement in the existing technology. The battery technology can improve device application, lighten the device weight, such as when people take solar powered portable generator to travel.


Although the first lithium-ion battery as early as the 1970s to come out, but now technology has been getting better and better, which is innovative battery technology, the most reluctant to mention, and they face the biggest problem.

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