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Renewable Energy Prospect Worth to Wait

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-03 11:05:09

International Energy Agency (IEA) recently released a report, in 2015, the world's first renewable energy over coal, becoming the world's largest new energy sources. But the report also pointed out that the coal power generation as the world's total power generation in the top spot did not waver. The report shows that in 2015, coal power generation still accounts for nearly 39% of the world's total power generation, renewable energy power generation accounted for only 23%, 2021 is expected to increase to 28%.


Compared to the counterattack over coal and other traditional energy sources occupy the world's premier position, has a very bright long-term development prospects are more important. According to the IEA report, "renewable energy is strongly supported by policies in China, the United States, India, Mexico and other countries," according to the report, renewable energy growth in the 2015-2021 period is 13% higher than its previous forecast. "On this basis, the cost of solar power generator is expected to fall 25% during the forecast period, while the cost of onshore wind power is down 15%.


Renewable energy to achieve counter-attack, and more emerging market countries in recent years to deal with climate change and air pollution in the active choice of the situation.


Especially in the current international commodity prices, especially crude oil, coal and other prices in the context of the continuing downturn, the countries did not because of traditional energy costs continue to lower the temptation to abandon the development of renewable energy, after all, as a new thing, renewable energy High-cost characteristics have always existed. To this end, countries that promote the development of renewable energy have consistently adopted a policy path of adopting subsidies and other policies to promote the development of renewable energy.Subsidies policy has brought about the prosperity and development of renewable energy related industries, but in essence, any industry enterprises seem to be able to bypass the "white to benefit" the temptation, which derived from the continued expansion of the scale of production capacity surplus , Or even cheat subsidy phenomenon, is gradually devouring the policy of the city under the shine of the renewable energy industry. It is noteworthy that such examples do not differ from developed to emerging economies.


To the United States, for example, its support system for renewable energy development is perfect, the United States support system for renewable energy can be divided into policy level and economic level, including the policy level includes a variety of laws and regulations; the economic level of the main tax Credit, direct subsidies to producers and consumers, bonds and loan guarantees. In addition to the federal government level of policy and economic support, the state government for renewable energy has many subsidies and preferential policies, especially in California and other resources and economic conditions are better places.


Even so, there are some mainstream voice in the United States that a sound support system may be causing the renewable energy industry is facing unsustainable predicament. The problem is that the government's preferential policies to the industry produced a "gold" mentality, companies follow state policies, from one state to another state, leading to excessive production. Of course, the government is aware of the lack of support system, the federal wind power enterprise tax policy has been the end of 2012, solar generator preferential policies will also end in 2016.

In addition, talk about the history of renewable energy development, Europe can not fail to mention. As early as the end of the 20th century, Germany, France, Italy and other important EU countries have begun to vigorously develop solar and wind energy and other renewable energy. Statistics show that as of 2012, the EU countries have invested 600 billion euros in renewable energy projects, huge subsidies gave birth to the EU renewable energy boom. Until 2008, the impact of the economic crisis quickly spread to Europe, the objective of renewable energy subsidy system defects exposed. Electricity demand in some European countries stagnated or slumped as a result of the weak economy, with the consequent decline in electricity wholesale prices. But because the tariff subsidy system ensures the return on investment, investors are still in favor of investing in renewable energy in Europe.


It is in the subsidy mechanism under the effect of the breeding of renewable energy projects, the more subsidies, the higher the price of the wonderful scene. Statistics show that in 2008, four years after the outbreak of the economic crisis, the European average after-tax electricity prices increased by 17%, commercial electricity consumption increased by 21%.


In fact, the policy of "weaning" seems to have swept all the countries that vigorously promote the renewable energy industry, both developed countries and emerging economies, seems to have chosen the retreat or subsidy policies such as the gradual withdrawal of the practice, but even Is in this context, renewable energy is still to achieve a counter-attack, the cause of concern.


According to the IEA report, the rapid development of renewable energy behind many factors, such as more competition, key market policy support to strengthen and technological improvements. Although climate change mitigation is a powerful driver of renewable energy, it is not the only driving force. Many countries, especially emerging Asian countries, have a similar role to play in increasing energy security by reducing lethal air pollution and diversifying energy supplies, in line with growing low-carbon energy.


It is not difficult to find out that competition has a positive effect on price suppression, which helps to make up for the price disadvantage between renewable energy and traditional energy, and low price promotion under full competition is of great significance to the international commodity price downturn. Traditional energy "to the furnace", and then derived from the phenomenon of renewable energy will undoubtedly abandon the formation of inhibition.

For policy and support, although most countries have adopted policies of "weaning" in order to achieve full marketability of renewable energy, it is undeniable that, due to early policy encouragement and support, renewable energy already has sufficient market share Rate and to achieve a large-scale commercial, which is to stabilize the high cost of renewable energy is essential.


For the air pollution and improve the traditional energy structure, similar to China, India and other countries to actively promote the application of renewable energy, with its traditional energy structure more dependent on coal and other traditional energy sources are not unrelated, but has been slow to improve the energy structure to promote. In recent years, the increasingly serious environmental pollution situation, especially air pollution is drawing the attention of decision-making departments, thus, in emerging market countries, and actively encourage the promotion and application of renewable energy in response to increasingly serious pollution situation, is becoming renewable The rapid growth of energy is one of the main driving force.


The IEA report shows that in 2015, the world's average daily installation of about 500,000 solar power batteries panels. China accounts for 40% of all incremental renewable energy, accounting for about half of new wind power installed capacity, equivalent to two wind turbines installed per hour in place. The report predicts that two-thirds of the renewable energy market in the next five years will be concentrated in four markets: China (37%), the United States (13%), the European Union (12%) and India (9%), Accounting for more than one-third of the global renewable energy market.


It should be said that the 2015 renewable energy counter-attack to become the world's largest new power source is based on pre-renewable energy in the world's long-term accumulation of the results should be achieved for the future, the bright future of renewable energy may be more worth Expectations, after all, the positive development of renewable energy has become the traditional developed economies and emerging markets, the unanimous choice.

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