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Renault Uses Electric Vehicle Power Batteries To Build Energy Storage Systems

Author: Source: Datetime: 2018-10-01 12:28:30
The Renault Group announced the launch of the "Advanced Battery Energy Storage" system, which is designed for the secondary use of electric vehicle power batteries and the construction of a fixed energy storage system. The Renault Group is not just a manufacturer, it is playing an important role in the construction and development of a smart power and energy ecosystem. As part of the “Advanced Battery Energy Storage” program, Renault has deeper cooperation with Demeter and Mitsui Group.

The first equipment generating power has a storage capacity of at least 60 MW, making it the largest energy storage system of its kind in Europe. The facility will be built at the Renault plant in Duai and Cleone, France, and an old coal-fired power plant in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, in early 2019. As the development progresses, the storage capacity of the system will gradually expand to the capacity of 2,000 electric vehicle power batteries. By then, the system will have at least 60 MW, which is equivalent to the daily electricity consumption of 5,000 ordinary households.
Renault Uses Electric Vehicle Power Batteries To Build Energy Storage Systems
By managing the consumption and supply of electrical energy at specific times, the system also increases the proportion of renewable energy. Scientifically integrate various energy ratios and maintain grid balance to effectively control fluctuations.

Nicolas Schottey, director of the new commercial energy project at the Renault Group, said: “Our fixed energy storage solutions are designed to offset these differences. It sets the time to transfer its reserve energy to the grid's imbalance point to reduce fluctuations in the urban grid's power distribution. Impact. By helping to maintain grid balance, this fixed energy storage system will effectively increase the economic attractiveness of low-carbon energy."
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