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Remote Control And Telemetry For Solar Power Generation

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-18 13:57:26
Significance Of Remote Telemetry

With the development and promotion of popularization of solar photovoltaic technology, the applications of solar power genration systems more wide, market is growing, the installed capacity of PV systems around the world has more than 2.5GW, 2010 will exceed 20GW. Operation of solar energy generatiom systems are generally in the case of unattended carried out on a very geographically dispersed photovoltaic systems solar power portable generator into line monitoring is very difficult to maintain cumbersome, requires a lot of manpower, material resources, the use of remote control and telemetry for photovoltaic real-time monitoring system, its significance lies in two points.

① PV system operating conditions can be real-time monitoring and control. Because most of the PV system is built in a remote place unattended, it is not always possible to maintain or test its operating conditions; while many relatively centralized application system (such as power plants, solar water pumps, etc.) also need to focus on monitoring. By remote control and telemetry technology can reduce human disturbance, save manpower, reduce maintenance costs, intelligent control and measurement, as well as decentralized energy systems solar power generation centralized scheduling management.
solar powered portable generator
② Real-time monitoring of the PV system, you can obtain the raw measurement data to provide useful data for the improvement and optimization of the system solar power portable generation as well as scientific research. Remote control and telemetry, because there is no trace of human intervention, the obtained data is the most primitive of the most complete, but also saves manpower and material resources, is the most convenient and quickest way.

The Principle Of Remote Telemetry

Solar power generation systems with remote telemetry communication technology from speaking into two kinds of wired remote telemetry telemetry and wireless remote control. Wired remote telemetry is to achieve long-distance signal transmission via communication bus, but the distance is limited, even through the distance relay can not be too far away. In particular, the system is installed in remote locations using wired remote telemetry is not desirable. Wireless remote telemetry is not restricted geographical distance and, in particular, has a special significance in remote areas.

Currently application more wired remote telemetry mainly industrial buses, such as 485, CAN bus to communicate lower computer (DSP, microcontroller, industrial machines, etc.) and monitoring host PC between, there is also a modem via the public telephone network to achieve , and then a widely used internet using the Internet to achieve. As shown in Figure 5-20, which is a 485 bus industry and the Internet to achieve solar photovoltaic wired remote monitoring system.

Wireless remote telemetry technology mainly by means of microwave station 'relay transmission technology, such as the use of mobile base stations dedicated channel signal transmitted through the situation in Western China,many solar power mobile base stations is achieved on the monitor; another is based on the industrial process control and monitoring system GSM/GPRS wireless mobile communication network, which is an application for remote monitoring by mobile GSM/GPRS data communication service or SMS short message service, etc., with 3G mobile communication technology matures,solar power station further you can achieve massive transmission of video data; then one is in a non-remote areas but inconvenient wiring and have a place Internet network coverage, wireless modem or wireless network card and the Internet combined with remote monitoring.
A photovoltaic power plant monitoring system GSM/GPRS wireless mobile communications network. Currently supports GSM/GPKS function data acquisition/control more, Israel UNITRONICS's M90/M91 series, Australia CIT company MOX assemblies, M90 Shenzhen subfamily Instrument Automation Co., VISION series, Beijing security control company SUPERRTU like. The data acquisition/switch controller has input and output ports, analog input and output ports, but also has strong extension, and communication interfaces. Analog inputs can be used to measure (including temperature, humidity, voltage, current, etc.), switch inputs and outputs can be used to control, as long as the power monitoring and control systems and photovoltaic systems regulating system combination can achieve remote monitoring, or in the development of photovoltaic systems control device,portable solar power generator inverter when the GSM/GPRS modules together into an integrated whole. GSM/GPRS modules can be purchased to develop their own chip hardware can also be purchased to produce GSM products companies such as SIEMENS company TC35 series, NOKIA's M2M ,. Shenzhen ZTE Corporation ZXGM18 series, Warvecom company WM02 series.

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