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Related to the loans or insurance of solar electric generator, what kind of inspections should carry out for solar power backup generator

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-24 17:38:00

Firstly, related to the loans or insurance, the solar power backup generator should be inspect, evaluate and supervise by the third-party.


  After the construction of the power station, the insurance company or buyers of power station should be inspected by the professional third-party, for the modules,solar inverters, frame, geology, cables, and other auxiliary testing station; and to get the final test report. Inspection is the essential part of evaluation.

2, After the evaluation

  After the construction of the power station, to test the equipment material, inspect installation process, the system is designed to run third-party data analysis, rationality, and so for some time, to give a reasonable assessment determination and rating;

3, supervision

  Since there will be a controversy about the loss of power stations, the insurance company requires a third-party data monitoring center, This data has been collected from the field to the data center storage, all of the stakeholders can not be modified, it will also required after the evaluation part.

Secondly, how the insurance product grafting financing solar backup generator, what kind of roles and values?

The insurance industry are actively promote the solar power system investment and financing, participates in the asset securitization market, to be an important form of financing for photovoltaic terminal.

A product with 25 years insurance can help improve the quality of the PV industry, Insurance institutions have help the establishment of a "database" for the PV system manufacturers.

   Appointed a professional third-party audits, the project developers will choose audit, insurance agencies in the database will be a tender to select manufacturer;PV solar power generation insurance

   If the developers hope to transfer station, the insurance beneficiary may be transferred together with the power plant to the buyers, so that the developers do not have to pledge a certain equity or pay retention money;

  Intervention by the insurance, since the insurance companies holds a strict audit procedures and liability pressure, to avoid low-quality components and the system components enter into circulation, thereby to enhance the overall quality of the industry.

  Thirdly, the PV power plant asset securitization products have already hold the legal basis and market factors

  solar backup generator asset securitization products, that is,  the earnings of power station will be sold by the way of issue securities in the capital markets, to access finance and improve capital efficiency. At present, the issue of solar backup generator asset securitization products already have a legal basis and market factors.

  In the early 2013, the commission issued a “securities company asset securitization business regulations," the Development and Reform Commission in August issued a "the notice regarding price leverage promoting the healthy development of photovoltaic industry " and the relevant rules, management practices, price subsidies, subsidies for years, the agency Moroto establishment of institutions, making solar power generator asset securitization launch is not longer a fundamental obstacle.


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