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Regarding your Solar charger

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-25 17:48:11

In other technologies by leaps and bounds at the same time, in sharp contrast to the battery technology is stagnant. New materials and new forms of solar power generator is still in development, testing, no one knows when they can mature into the consumer field, so the current solution is to seek a quick charge and external power supply.


Mobile power may not everyone has, but almost almost. Most of the smart phone users will choose a mobile power supply at least 10000mAh or so, plus the battery itself is consumed, probably for the 3000mAh phone is full of two times. Troubling is that you also need to charge for the mobile power, and to put up with its larger volume.

Mobile power

Another less mainstream mobile power option is solar backup generator. So, the solar energy mobile power is able to meet the needs of all digital devices to charge it? Take a look at the actual test.


You need to be more aware of where the sun is.

sun power

Participating in the test of the solar energy mobile power comes from dodocool, with a built-in 10000mAh lithium battery and two USB interface. That is, in addition to the use of solar energy, you can also charge for it by alternating current.


It should be noted that the dodocool charging mechanism is to give priority to the use of built-in lithium batteries to charge for connecting devices, more stable and fast; while the built-in solar charging board, it is for the dodocool's own battery charge.

battery charger

There is no doubt that the use of solar power and the general mobile power is a different experience: you need to pay more attention to where the sun. For office workers, if the seat near the window is undoubtedly the best, you can open the dodocool on the window edge, the ability to absorb sunlight.


Techradar editor Damien in London, London, you know the weather in London says it's raining, and the weather forecast is completely inaccurate. In general, sunny weather is more suitable for solar battery charging of solar powered portable generator, you also need to pay attention to the location of the sun exposure. Cloudy, fog and haze, will affect the speed of charging. Under normal circumstances, dodocool takes a few days to be fully filled.

 solar power

Of course, if you are going hiking in the outdoors, you will find it is better to use solar power, because you have been exposed to the outdoors, you can open it to the backpack, and continuously absorb the power. In addition, the solar power is usually light, will not become a burden.

The final result is: general office workers may not be able to rely on the sun, to meet the needs of all charging equipment (mobile phone, tablet, game machine, etc.), to try to choose the built-in battery, and by AC charging styles. Of course, solar power can be used as a very good supplement, especially in the case of outdoor activities.

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